Kris Aquino, Naiyak Matapos Niyang Mabasa Ang Text Message Ni Josh Para Sa Tito Niyang Si NoyNoy Aquino

Kris Aquino is once again headlining after her recent emotional post on social media. The post talks about her son Josh and her older brother, the former President Noynoy Aquino.

It was revealed recently by that the Queen of All Media had been able to read some of the text message exchanges between her son and her older brother. The actress host said that when she saw the messages, she could not help but cry at the sight of it.

Josh was texting Kris Aquino’s older brother Noynoy about his worries. He was very worried about his mother’s health issues and was afraid that he might lose her in the process. Noynoy Aquino however stayed very caring as he kept replying to the worried text messages with reassurance that everything will be okay.

She also said that she was touched because her older brother had continued to be kind to his nephew Josh even though he and Kris have gotten into a misunderstanding of her own. It was very nice of him not to involve the children since their misuderstanding is a seperate matter from the children after all,

“we aren’t a perfect family… my 2 have new phones & i wanted to see the new features, so i got to read kuya josh’s messages. “this is worth sharing, another glimpse at the Aquinos… my 2 have faced fear & uncertainty because of my health. a few times, kuya actually said, ‘don’t [go], mama.’ said the post on Instagram.

“reading kuya’s phone, tears really fell. every single time he had text his tito noy, no matter how simple his text or seemingly ordinary his message, there was ALWAYS an immediate reply. simpleng bagay ang text BUT it shows how caring my brother is to my panganay…” she continued

“i know nag promise sya sa mom namin na come what may, aalagaan nya si josh. (realistic po, mga anak ko ang na promise, mahirap akong alagaan…) i realized i’m so BLESSED because regardless of our ‘tampuhans’ (normal sa mga magkakapatid diba?) NEVER nadamay si Kuya… and i know whatever the future may hold for me, tito Noy & all my sisters will make taking care of my sons their priority,” Kris wrote.

Furthermore, Josh was worried about Kris Aquino’s health after she was diagnosed with chronic urticarial which gets worse with stress. The illness is manageable but there is no absolute cure to it.

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