Maja Salvador, Agaw Pansin Matapos Nitong Ibahagi Sa Social Media Ang Kanyang Napakalaki At Napakagandang Family House Sa Antipolo

All of us can probably agree when we say that in Philippine showbiz, it is all about timing. You can be a television staple but your career may not peak, you can be a new comer but make it big immediately, or in some cases, you can start your way from the bottom and work your way up to popularity until you peak and become more famous than you have ever dreamed of.

The last case could probably be said true about Maja Salvador who has been a standout amongst the most mainstream stars in ABS-CBN these days. She increased extraordinary prominence after she was casted as the feisty Ivy Aguas in the iconic teleserye, Wildflower. From that point forward, she has been given numerous movie gigs and other projects.

It is a well-deserved success for Maja Salvador as her friends in the showbiz world would say. This actress has worked her way up to the top of the career ladder until she has made a name for herself and has earned enough money to build a house for her and her family.

While Maja Salvador has been living in a condo unit in Taguig since 2012, she was able to provide a rather comfortable house for her family and it was built in Antipolo, Rizal. It has a very welcoming fa├žade that makes use of earth tones combined with white walls. There are also plant fixtures by the gate, showing the inhabitant’s love for the greens.

It features high ceilings, a wide garden, and an entertainment area where in they would receive guests. The inside of the house follows the color scheme of black and white, which Maja Salvador picked out herself. According to reports, Maja chose these colors to put emphasis on simplicity while achieving an illusion of space.

There are also red accents in the house which were chosen by her mother, Thelma Andres. While the living area and majority of the house were painted with black and white, they used a more vibrant color for the entertainment area where in a warm shade of green was used to make future guests feel lively and comfortable. It is also said that this color reflects Maja and her mother’s love for greeneries.

Most parts of the house were designed while considering Feng Shui. They are strong believers that following Feng Shui would invite good fortune into the house. But whether the house was Feng Shui-ed or not, we strongly believe that all the blessings coming into Maja’s life are all deserved success as fruits of her hardwork.
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