Isang Kilalang Pinoy Singer, Pinahanga Ang Audience Sa "The Ellen Degeneres Show" Matapos Umawit Ng "Beauty And The Beast"

Another Filipino had the opportunity to represent our country with his incredible talent on the famous US talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Marcelito Pomoy, “Pilipinas Got Talent” Season 2 grand champion appeared, performed, and impressed the audiences including Ellen DeGeneres herself.

In his visit on the show, he was able to share his journey as a singer here in the Philippines. From a balut vendor to a one-of-a-kind singer, Marcelito proved that we Filipinos are a country with many talented people. And, he is only one of the many Filipinos that was talented enough to be on the show.

According to Marcelito, he began singing at the age of seven. It was only eleven years after that when he discovered that he can switch his voice from a lower range to a higher one. Even with this discovery, Marcelito admitted that prior to his audition to PGT, he was very hesitant. He felt that his talent was not good enough for the show and for the Filipino audience. Fortunately, he came to his senses and tried his luck wishing the show would be a way for him to meet his family.

During his appreance on “The Ellen Show,” he was able to perform two Celine Dion duet songs. The first one was “The Prayer” and the last was “Beauty and the Beast.”

On Twitter, Ellen DeGeneres’ official Twitter account posted a video of Marcelito with a caption:

You are not gonna believe this voice. He’s his own duet.

After being awarded PGT champion, he was able to release two studio albums and has become a part of the weekly variety show, “ASAP.” He has also done many local and international shows.

Watch the full video below:

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