Vic Sotto, Naglabas Na Ng Kanyang Reaksyon Tungkol Sa Nagviral Na Bikini Photo Ni Pauleen Luna

Nowadays, a lot of people say that it is okay to love yourself in whatever type of body you have. Some even say that “thicc is the new sexy.” But even so, some men and women still believe that to feel beautiful is to be slimmer or healthier. Recently, Pauleen Luna’s photos on Instagram went viral. Apparently, people noticed that Pauleen has been losing weight and looking good. Her husband, Vic Sotto proudly reacted to the viral photo.

In an interview with the actor and host, he revealed that his wife has been working really hard to be more fit and healthy. This is a process Filipinos like to call the “Balik alindog” program. This is just a hilarious way term used for people who want to bring back the body they once had.

In his interview, Vic said:

“I’m proud of her kasi she worked hard for it. Hindi kumakain, eh, matakaw ‘yun, kahit gusto niya ‘yung pagkain. Doon mo makikita ‘yung focus niya, ‘yung drive niya to lose weight and mabalik ‘yung mga dating kurbada.”

It was one year ago when Pauleen was pregnant of their now one-year-old daughter. Baby Tali. And as most mothers who went through labor know that pregnancy changes a lot in a woman’s body. There are mothers who get to lose all their pregnancy weight, through exercise. However, there are others who can’t, but either way, their bodies won’t ever be the same.

In situations like these, it is crucial for husbands to support and motivate their wives with whatever they need to feel beautiful inside and out. This is what Bossing Vic proved he did during his interview.

“I’m very proud of her and I give her credit for that.”

Baby Talitha Sotto celebrated her first birthday yesterday, November 6, 2018. Pauleen posted a photo of her child greeting her with a sweet heartfelt message.

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